The Poet's Dreamcatcher

  • £50.00
"By sharing our stories and songs, we encourage others to make their own. It isn't enough to live in glorious isolation; if you have the capacity to help others live mightier lifes, you should." - The Guildman's Handbook

Breakthrough moments often come in a heartbeat, and we have little or no control over when or why. By mounting the Poet's Dreamcatcher above your bed or desk, you will snatch inspiration from the very ether itself, and summon dreams, visions and insights more easily than ever before.

This rune was lovingly hand-painted in acrylic on canvas in a spectacular location by Guildmaster Ed Gamester on his adventures. Then he carefully carried it home, in a valiant effort not to befoul them... You can normally find photos or videos of its creation, and more details of its meanings, on Ed's social media. Or you can read about the Big Faces for yourself in The Guildman's Handbook.


Size: 20 by 20cm (8 x 8 inches)