Ed Gamester: The Guildsman’s Handbook

  • £17.50

The Guildsman’s Handbook is Ed Gamester’s introduction to the general principles of the Guild: the philosophy by which he haphazardly exists. Written in fits, trances and rages over the course of six years, tested to breaking point and then edited down to fit into a pocket, the handbook is designed to help his fellow Guildsfolk make their way through a world that is very clearly not designed with them in mind.

Described by many as “a self-help book for people who hate self-help...and books”, the Guildsman’s Handbook does not profess to be the right way to do things, or even necessarily a good way to do things. It’s just the Guildly way to do things: “This is the way I realised I had to live, in order to live at all.”

Written by Ed Gamester, beautifully illustrated by Arik Meijer.