The Flame

  • £50.00
"The Flame us the comradeship, hospitality and generosity that a Guildsman shares with her fellows... She who bears the flame doesn't simply meet the requests of others; she sees and meets their needs without even being asked, because she listens carefully and cares deeply. Not about everyone, of course. Some people are dicks." - The Guildman's Handbook

Mount the flame in your home or gift it to somebody you care about, to share the warmth and vitality of the Guild far and wide. It is a reminder to be loving, generous and trusting to all who deserve it...and to incinerate those who don't.
This rune was lovingly hand-painted in acrylic on canvas in a spectacular location by Guildmaster Ed Gamester on his adventures. Then he carefully carried it home, in a valiant effort not to befoul them... You can normally find photos or videos of its creation, and more details of its meanings, on Ed's social media. Or you can read about the Big Faces for yourself in The Guildman's Handbook.

Size: 20 by 20cm (8 x 8 inches)