The Compass Needle

  • £50.00
"The Oarsman is the tattoo on your forearm. He is the photo of the sunrise by your alarm clock. He is the picture of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson stuck on your bathroom mirror. He reminds you why you are there and why you are doing what you are doing, no matter how difficult". - The Guildman's Handbook

The wave-tossed longship of the Oarsman represents endurance against physical hardship, and the ability to maintain long after you believe you cannot go in. Mounted straight up as a compass needle, it will remind you that knowing where you are going and why is the key to overcoming any adversity. Mounted on its side as the Oarsman's longboat itself, it will help you persevere against any obstacle.

This rune was lovingly hand-painted in acrylic on canvas in a spectacular location by Guildmaster Ed Gamester on his adventures. Then he carefully carried it home, in a valiant effort not to befoul them... You can normally find photos or videos of its creation, and more details of its meanings, on Ed's social media. Or you can read about the Big Faces for yourself in The Guildman's Handbook.


Size: 20 by 20cm (8 x 8 inches)