The Broken Mirror

  • £50.00
"When you look in the mirror, who looks back? Is it a strong and authentic version of yourself, or is it a weakling who gets by on mediocrity and compromise? Is the person looking back at you the person you truly want to be, or is he an impersonator? Has he stayed true to himself out his values? Has he made the difficult decisions that are necessary to progress? Can you meet your own gaze, or are you ashamed of the person looking back at you? Is it yourself you see in the mirror or is it a stranger?" - The Guildman's Handbook

The Stranger’s Mirror offers a way to reflect upon ourselves and be sure we are staying true. Often what we fear, love, hate and admire in other people is a reflection of ourselves. Often when we take an honest look at ourselves, we aren't  quite what we pretend to be. This brutal rune will keep you humble and honest.

This rune was lovingly hand-painted in acrylic on canvas in a spectacular location by Guildmaster Ed Gamester on his adventures. Then he carefully carried it home, in a valiant effort not to befoul them... You can normally find photos or videos of its creation, and more details of its meanings, on Ed's social media. Or you can read about the Big Faces for yourself in The Guildman's Handbook.

Please consider that each rune is individually painted and the painter is both erratic and insane, so what you get may not exactly match the photo.

Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm