Saxon Storyteller | Enamel Pin Series

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The full series of Enamel Pins made by The Saxon Storyteller are now available exclusively through Northern Fire. The 3 pins represent different areas of the Saxon world: Rædwald's Helm, Wodens Knot and the Boar: 

Rædwald's Helm

Following on from his interpretation of the Sutton Hoo helmet (Rædwalds Helm Art Print), The Saxon Storyteller has modified his design so you can now wear a piece of history through his new enamel pin.

Found in East Anglia (one of the 4 main English kingdoms of the period and named after the "Angles" - a Germanic tribe who settled in the area) it is thought that this helmet belonged to Rædwald who was a king of this region in the early 7th Century.

Whether you believe it was worn by Rædwald or not, it is hard not to see the helmet as one of the symbols of the Anglo Saxons.

Woden's Knot

This enamel pin design by The Saxon Storyteller features a 3 pointed knot to celebrate the god Woden who's name still appears in every day life through the origin of the day Wednesday.

Woden was widely known as a god of war to the early Medievil cultures of Northern Europe, but he was important also as a god of learning, of poetry, and of magic. The king of the Anglo-Saxon gods was Woden, and whilst it is an oversimplification to say he was a German version of the Scandinavian god Odin, he did have two pet wolves and a horse with eight legs...


The boar was a powerful symbol amongst the Germanic people who settled in Britain during the 5th Century. To the Anglo-Saxons, it was a symbol of strength and virility and its image has been known to adorn their helmets.

This enamel pin designed by The Saxon Storyteller celebrates the power of an iconic creature that appears several times in the archaeological record (such as the Sutton Hoo helm and the Staffordshire hoard helmet) and even in literature like the iconic Beowulf poem. 

He has also chosen to incorporate runes on the body of the boar which are from the Germanic Iron age and are an early runic charm.


Material & Make

Our pins are crafted in solid metal with enamel detailing and a sturdy pin for security of closure and longevity.


About The Artist

The Saxon Storyteller is an illustrator known for his incredible ability to capture the character and theme of artifacts and historical figures. Reminiscent of Saxon and Viking iconography, his subject matter ranges from members of the lore (such as Ragnar Lothbrok) to those of Tolkien (like Gandalf and other members of the Fellowship). You may also recognize his work as the key illustrator of the Nordic Mythology Podcast, where his images appear unique to each episode and its content.

On Northern Fire, you can find the artwork of Saxon Storyteller on clothing, prints, and pins. 


Size & Dimensions

Rough diameter of 5cm (2 inches)