Rædwalds Helm

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One of the most famous archaeological finds throughout the British Isles is undoubtedly the Sutton Hoo helmet found in East Anglia (one of the 4 main Anglo Saxon kingdoms). It is thought that the helmet belonged to Rædwald who was a king of this region in the early 7th Century.

Although popular culture often abbreviates the germanic settlers of this period as “Saxons", the kingdom itself is named after the Angles who were another tribe who predominantly populated the area. It is especially ironic as of the main tribes who settled, the Angles, Saxons and Jutes, it was the Angles whose name remains in the country of Angle-land, or England.

Whether you believe it was worn by Rædwald or not, it is hard not to see the helmet as one of the symbols of the Anglo Saxons. This A4 print is The Saxon Storyteller’s take on how the helmet would have looked before it was buried for more than a century.


Printed on 250 gsm uncoated art board.

Size: A4