Men An Tol Canvas

  • £50.00

The Men an Tol Limited Edition Print is painted by Villkat Arts using acrylic on canvas. This canvas is made exclusively for Northern Fire and therefore only a limited number will ever be printed.

The inspiration behind this piece was similar to the Lanyon Quoit Print in that it was created following a visit to “Men An Tol” in the Penwith area on the west coast of Cornwall, UK.

The Men An Tol is a holed granite stone which stands in the middle of 3 standing stones at this mysterious location. According to folk lore, these stones have a guardian in a form of a “Piskie” a fairy like being that can create miracles if you pass through the holed stone... Villkat’s visit to this monument was on the sunset of a summers eve and the ancient monument was bathed in the setting sun. Explosions of light surrounded the stones and light and energy spirals begin to show  from it, with orbs of rejuvenating blessings... Was this the Piskie from the tale at work inviting you to seeing the monument in a new light?

Thank you for coming on a journey into this psychedelic realm.


The "Men An Tol” Limited Edtion canvas measures 45 x 45cm (18 x 18 inches).