Lanyon Quoit Canvas

  • £50.00

The original Lanyon Quoit painting was made using acrylic on canvas and measured 50x50cm. This canvas is made exclusively for Northern Fire and therefore only a limited number will ever be printed.

This piece was inspired by a visit to the ancient monument in the Penwith area on the western coast of Cornwall, UK. The huge capstone of this mighty Neolithic granite stone Quoit is supported by 3 stone uprights and is still standing strong after centuries. Looking west to the Atlantic, Lanyon Quoit beholds power against the Cornish sky. Villkat was inspired by the energy of this place which seemed to call for the purple, lavender and blue shades. With the slight rolling hills in the distance, if you look closely beneath the ferns you will find some of nature’s entheogenic offerings in the form of the psychedelic mushroom “Psilocybe semilanceata” aka liberty cap. They are almost inviting you to step into a visionary realm where you can see the ancient monument illuminated with light & geometric forms. Beams of light radiate into the sky meeting the sacred form of the “Merkaba”, a three dimensional geometric energy field, with the reoccurring theme of Celtic inspired knotwork showering a golden glow framing the painting.


Thank you for coming on a journey into this psychedelic realm.


The dimensions of the ”Lanyon Quoit” Limited Edtion Print are 45 x 45cm (18 x 18 inches).