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  • The Northern Fire Podcast

    Over the last 6 months, during the pandemic, we have kept ourselves very busy on various projects. We are excited to share with you the first episode of the Northern Fire History Podcast...
  • Stone Circles of Britain

    Stone Circles are one of the most powerful symbols of ancient Britain. So little is known about the reasons for their construction or their function but they have attracted endless speculation and fascination over the centuries since the knowledge has been lost.

    Within the Northern Fire collective, we all have a keen interest in history and whilst thinking on the idea of writing about stone circles, I realised that over the years, I have been round a fair few and thought I would share some of those experiences with you... especially given that we are all stuck inside for the foreseeable future!

  • Vikings In The Wirral Part II: An Interview With Stephen Harding

    Following on from the previous blog in which I gave a summary of the Viking settlement on the Wirral, we spoke with author and historian Stephen Harding for his expertise on the subject below. If you are interested in learning more, he has written a number of excellent books on the subject including Ingimund's Saga which you an view here