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  • Sigurboði Grétarsson: The Musician, Tattooist, and Artisan

    While Sigurboði Grétarsson is mostly known for his accomplishments as a musician and composer, his work as a craftsman and tattooist prove that his artistic talent is far from limited. - - - In his episode of the Northern Fire Podcast, Sean and Sigurboði sit down to discuss traditional stories fr...
  • Viking Age Art with Luciano Pezzoli and Lars Grundvad

    Sitting down with one Viking Age art specialist is a treat, but Sean Parry was fortunate enough to pick the brains of both Luciano Pezzoli and Lars Grundvad during this episode of the Northern Fire Podcast.

    Together, they dissect Viking art styles (and substyles) while addressing the true purpose of these motifs: to make a profound and specific statement.

  • Nordic Animism Podcast With Rune Rasmussen

    We were fortunate enough to talk to Rune Rasmussen about Nordic Animism and his upcoming Runic calendar and book which will be available soon on the Northern Fire website..

    Alongside the podcast that you can listen to below, we wanted to go into a little more detail about some of the things the guys discussed...