Curious Worship

  • £30.00

 "Those who dare enter the darkest and most mysterious parts of the forest should be prepared for strange encounters.

The feeling of being utterly free and connected to nature, uninhibited and frankly, a bit crazy, is what inspired this painting, which came into existence completely unplanned and without purpose - except to be an unusual and slightly obscene account of what might go on in the magical forests when we mortals aren't looking.

Original painting was made with watercolours, gouache and coloured pencil on paper."


We have chosen to recreate all of Annemieke's work as fine art giclée prints to maintain the best quality of colour reproduction and the results are really outstanding. 

Size: A4

As these are archival quality fine art prints please handle them with care, preferably only touching the edges and we recommend mounting them in a frame behind glass.