Urnes Serpents | Fine Art Print

  • £42.50
For this piece of art, Sigurboði has incorporated neo-Nordic artistry into a design based on the Urnes style of late Viking Age art. While Viking art appears in many dynamic styles, modern interpretations are able to apply themes of continuity that enhance traditional artwork with novel and striking themes.
This piece plays with the classic dynamics of knotwork found in later art from the time period, which is named for the historic Urnes Stavechurch.
Material & Make

The artwork you will receive has been printed locally using high quality inks and paper to maintain integrity and quality of colour and image.

Your print will arrive on 300gsm cotton paper and should be handled with care. It’s preferable to only touch the edges and we recommend mounting these in a frame behind glass.

About The Artist
Sigurboði Grétarsson is an Icelandic musician, tattooist, and artisan. Having collaborated with other prominent artists (such as Vévaki, Danheim, Heldom, Urspring, Munknörr, and Rúnfell), his work extends to the skin while he tattoos alongside his fiance Hrafnhildur (known as the tattoo artist Habba Nero). However, his specialty with handcraft applies to horns, which he has been carving for almost a decade in the Viking Age art styles familiar to so many.
For more on Sigurboði, feel free to check out our blog on his dynamic artistry.  You can see more of his artwork on Northern Fire here.

The dimensions of the smaller print are 30 x 30cm (12 inches) and the larger measures at 42 x 42cm (16.5 inches).