Urnes Stavechurch | Hand Printed Fine Art

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The Urnes Stave Church in Norway offers an elaborate entrance (literally and figuratively) into this final style of Viking art, which of course takes its name from this location. With much more open and negative space in the design, these could easily be drawn onto the highly-demanded runestones of the time (and one artist’s signature has been found on over 60 of them!). Many of the most well-known runestones in Sweden display these highly identifiable beasts covered in runes, with their gracefully winding bodies, short lapets, and distinctive almond shaped eyes.

This artwork by Paula Cruz Art is a tribute to the doorway of an Urnes style stavechurch from the late Viking Age.


Material & Make

The artwork you will receive has been printed locally by the artist using high quality inks and paper to maintain integrity and quality of colour and image.

Your print will arrive on 250gsm uncoated black card and should be handled with care. It’s preferable to only touch the edges and we recommend mounting these in a frame behind glass.


About The Artist

Paula Cruz is a tattoo artist specialising in historic Nordic art styles and is known for her extreme attention to detail and authenticity. Her creations are born of a humble relationship with Norse symbolism and are sharpened through her work as a re-enactor, traditional tattooist, and versatile artisan.

On Northern Fire, you’ll find wooden pyrography, prints, and original art by Paula.


Size & Dimensions

A3 (297 x 420mm / 11.7 x 16.5 inches)