Ulfhedinn Zip Hoody

  • £35.00


The Ulfhedinn Zip Hoody was designed by Dyrs Hjarta and features a small front design as well as a large back print.

On the front of the hoody is a beast head appearing out of the younger futhark, a runic system in use during the Viking era.

In sages from the Viking age including the Völsunga, Úlfhéðnar are said to have performed remarkable feats that would be beyond the abilities of any normal warrior.

We have all heard tales in popular culture of berserkers who in the heat of battle would enter a trance like state when fighting. Similarly, it is said in the sagas that an Úlfhéðinn would enter battle wearing the skin of a wolf rather than any form of armour.

In the archaeological record, an Úlfhéðinn is depicted in the Vendel period on a helmet place found on Öland in Sweden.


Product Information: 

The design is as sharp as possible using high quality screen printing.  on ethically sourced organic cotton. The Hoody is designed to fit. If you prefer a looser fitting hoody, we would recommend considering the next size up.

 - Covered full length zip.
- Double fabric hood with self coloured drawcord.
- Front pouch pockets.
- Ribbed cuffs and hem.
- Twin needle stitching detail.  
- WRAP certified production. 

Fabric: 80% cotton/ 20% polyester.

Weight: 280 gsm


Size Chest (to fit): 

UK/EU Size
US Size  Chest Dimensions
Small XS
36" / 91 cm
Medium Small
40" / 102 cm
Large Medium
44" / 112 cm
XL Large

48" / 122 cm

XXL XL 52" / 132 cm

Size Tolerance +/- 2cm 


In the picture, our male model is wearing a large and our female model a small. Please check the dimensions are correct for you as sizes differ between regions.