Úlfhéðinn | Enamel Pin


A design inspired by the Torslunda plates, which were found in Sweden and date to the 6th-8th centuries CE. 

These plates were utilised to create the panels of decorative metal pieces that adorned helmets such as those found in the Sutton Hoo burial and other Migration and Vendel Period kingly graves.

Many of these plates depict dancing horned warriors, bears, and battle scenes. This particular warrior, in wolf's garb, is likely related to the Úlfhéðinn. These warriors have been linked to the warrior cult of Odin throughout the literature and within archaeological depictions such as these.

This enamel pin was designed by Sean Parry of Sacred Knot Tattoo to depict the wolf warrior with his spear and sword.


Material & Make

Our pins are crafted in solid metal with enamel detailing and a sturdy pin for security of closure and longevity.


About The Artist

Sean Parry is the owner and lead artist of Sacred Knot Tattoo, as well as a founding member of the Northern Fire Art Collective. He specialises in Celtic and Nordic arts and lives and works from his hometown of Llandudno in North Wales. Sean’s projects incorporate knotwork, swirls, and beasts inspired and mirroring those found in the historical record - a reflection of his passion for archaeology and ancient iconography. Though he is well known for his mastery as a tattooist, his work with paint, leather, and precious metals are also part of his artistic endeavours.

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Size & Dimensions

Rough diameter of 5cm (2 inches)