Tuatha Dé Danann A4 Print

  • £15.00

This piece of artwork has been created by Sean Fitzgerald for Northern Fire.

In Irish Mythology the Tuatha Dé Danann came from the Otherworld in three hundred ships that could sail through the air. In this illustration these Tuatha Dé Danann warriors are linked together in order to survive in battle.

Bullying, which I have suffered myself, happens at any age and no matter where you are from. If you see someone being physically or mentally abused, say something. It will not stop if you choose to ignore it or pretend it isn’t happening. There is an Irish saying 'Ar scath a cheile a mhaireann na daoine', which means 'Under the shelter of each other, people survive'. Take a stand and say something, don’t be a bystander.


Material & Make

The artwork you will receive has been created locally and is printed using high quality inks and paper to maintain integrity and quality of colour and image.

Your print will arrive on 250gsm uncoated art board and should be handled with care. It’s preferable to only touch the edges and we recommend mounting these in a frame behind glass.


About The Artist

Sean Fitzgerald lives in a remote area of the North West of Ireland, where it has an ancient forbidding mythology, as well as foregone ritualistic ceremonies. His art investigates these and the darker elements from Celtic mythology, folk magic, arcane ogham symbols, and pre-Christian Ireland. You can see more of Sean's art available on Northern Fire here.


Size & Dimensions

A4 (210 x 297mm 8.3 x 11.7 inches)