This Wild Dance | Poems by S.R Hardy

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This Wild Dance draws inspiration from the natural world, the turning of the seasons and the cultural heritage of both Northwestern Europe and early Buddhism. The poems are short and direct, each seeking to capture a moment of inspiration in sharp relief in the hope that the reader will share in the sense of wonder that birthed them.

Author Seth Hardy originally contacted us to discuss commissioning some artwork from Sacred Knot and as the project progressed, we felt that the poems fit well with the Northern Fire project and we wanted to share them with you.

Featuring original artwork from Sean Parry of Sacred Knot Tattoo.


Material & Make

Printed in a paperback, the book you receive will be packaged in a protective cardboard book mailer.

Features text and illustrations.


About The Author

S.R. Hardy is the author of various short stories, poems and translations.  His work has appeared in venues such as Mythic Circle, Eunoia Review, Eternal Haunted Summer, Beorh Quarterly and anthologies such as The Shining Cities and Beyond the Pillars. 


Size & Dimensions

Approximately A5  (6 x 8 in and 14.8 x 21 cm)