Odin’s Thoughts

  • £4,500.00

Written by Sean Parry:

”At the end of 2018 there was a terrible fire at the building where I lived in Manchester and I was forced to move home. A lot of my possessions got destroyed in the fire, and when I moved, I decided to paint a few pictures to decorate my new place. This was one of three of them. It was winter and I hadn’t by that point managed to move back to Wales. I yearned for the grey mountains, lakes and forest scenery of Snowdonia. So I painted this from my dreams.

This image captures my feelings of the time. Order is always an illusion in a world of chaos, but even so, we look for and find it in a swirling vortex of disorder and upheaval. Odin was said to be the god of poetry and chaos among other things. He was the protagonist of these elements and also the one that granted clear thinking in the mess.

I would be sad to part with this painting, but if I do it will give me the opportunity and time to paint more.” 


The original piece is oil on canvas. This painting will never go into print and is a one of a kind."


Dimensions: 102 cm x 76cm