The Spear Dancer & Beserker

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In sages from the Viking age including the Völsunga, Úlfhéðnar are said to have performed remarkable feats that would be beyond the abilities of any normal warrior.

We have all heard tales in popular culture of berserkers who in the heat of battle would enter a trance-like state when fighting. Similarly, it is said in the sagas that an Úlfhéðinn would enter battle wearing the skin of a wolf rather than any form of armour.

In this new design from the Saxon Storyteller, which is loosely based on the Vendel era Torslunda plates, one eyed spear god Woden leads the Wolf Warrior (Úlfhéđnar) into battle. 

In the archaeological record, an Úlfhéðinn is also depicted in the Vendel period on a helmet found on Öland in Sweden.


Printed on 250 gsm uncoated art board.

Size: A4