The Last Battle Of Moytura | Book by Seán Fitzgerald


“The Last Battle of Moytura" by Celtic artist and author Seán Fitzgerald is a beautifully illustrated retelling of the adventures of the legendary God Lugh Lámfada of the Tuatha Dé Danann from Irish mythology. Highly sourced from both Irish folklore and mythological texts, he has taken great care to hold onto the ancient yet timeless spirit of these stories. With each page highly illustrated with Sean's distinctive knotwork.

The introduction of this book is by Courtney Davis, who is widely acclaimed as the best-known contemporary Celtic artist in the world. He praises Sean's unique traditional knotwork style and writes that it carries the essence of the Celtic warriors who decorated themselves and their weapons. Courtney enjoyed the work so much he published the book on his own Hill Of Tara Press.

About the book, critics have said:

"A beautifully illustrated retelling of selected myths, well researched in its detail from original manuscript sources. Drawing on a long-established aesthetic tradition, particularly on the stylistic motif of the 'Celtic Knot' that manifests from Insular Art to contemporary graphic novels, Sean Fitzgerald has developed a unique style that is recognisably his own. Bringing together accessible, engaging narrative and distinctive artwork, this book is a wonderful way to connect with the heritage and lore of ancient Ireland."

Dr. Jenny Butler, Writer, Lecturer and leading scholar in Irish contemporary Paganism.

"This is a beautifully illustrated book. Traditional Celtic art forms threaded through with images from nature are brought to life through the imagination of the artist, Sean Fitzgerald."

Cary Meehan, author of 'The Traveller's Guide To Sacred Ireland'

Limited numbers available.


Material & Make

Printed in a paperback, the book you receive will be packaged in a protective cardboard book mailer.

Features text and illustrations.


About The Author

Seán Fitzgerald resides in a remote region of North-West Ireland, where he manifests his artwork from a deep connection with his ancestry. His pieces are defined by striking detail and a timeless narrative, sharing his intimate knowledge of Irish mythology. Within his work, he evokes both ancient and familiar emotion from viewers, giving faces to many characters of lore in a raw yet whimsical expression of artistry. Seán offers clothing, prints, and jewellery through Northern Fire.

You can find more of Sean's art available through Northern Fire here.


Size & Dimensions

Approximately A4 in size