The Green Man


Written by Sean Parry:


“I painted this when I lived and worked in Spain a few years ago, I was keenly aware of how far I was from home and how much i missed it’s legends and the feeling of belonging. The Green Man to me has always represented mans connection to the wild... something we should not forget it in the new age we live in. Our ancestors where forced to live alongside nature and the elements in our past, now we have broken that cycle, and are paying a heavy price for it. 

The Green Man in my painting has elements of other characters such as Odin and Cernunnos. I think that there’s a  possibility that they where connected and the ideas of what they represented fed into one another (Cernunnos entering in the archeological record first, followed by Odin)."

The original piece is acrylic on canvas. This painting will never go into print and is a one of a kind. 

Dimensions: 505mm by 200mm