Odin Mask

  • £400.00

Written by Sean Parry:

”I painted this a few years back when I still lived in Manchester. At the time I was inspired to explore the relations of symmetry and line work I observed in the ancient Nordic depictions of masks and faces. The character and balance they managed to capture still amazes me. The look of intensity and power is what I aimed to capture in this painting.

Also, this was the first time in a long time back then that I had the time and space to work with oil. Oil has always been one of my greatest artistic passions... the way the paint dries and keeps its vividness over the years is the reason why it was the preferred medium over the centuries. I’m sure if it was available to the artists and craftsmen of the Viking age they would have used it to its full potential also.”

Dimensions: 760mm by 505mm

The original piece is oil on canvas. This painting will never go into print and is a one of a kind.