The Gokstad warrior


Written by Sean Parry:

“The Gokstad ship burial from the Viking age is an impressive one. In contrast to the Oseberg vessel, it’s a magnificent practical, plain ship designed for speed, power and war. When it was deposited into the Earth it was buried with a full accompaniment of shields on its both sides of its hull. The shields where all painted yellow and black, but sadly the paint could not be saved, so once again the colours of the past have been lost the the general public. A part of the Fuchs of these small paintings I’m currently doing is to bring back the vibrancy of the past. Also, Since there is also only one helmet found from the Viking age, I used that as an example on this warrior too. The Gjermundbu helmet.”

The original painting is acrylic on canvas. The image may also be used at some point in a limited set of prints. 

Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm.