The Drunken Sailors

  • £1,000.00

"This painting was one of my final pieces in university. 

All the characters are loosely based on friends and people I met and bonded with after three years living in Manchester. The other paintings that went along side this in my end of year exhibition were plain realism scenes of the job I had at the time outside of uni. The idea behind this was that it was a fantastical, over exaggerated scene of the nightclubs we used to attended at the time. 


The painting is very impressionistic in its approach close up, but the scenes within it are very clear and relatable. It’s not a serious painting in any way, and hopefully will succeed in entertaining its future owner one day for many years to come.”

Written by Sean Parry.

The original piece is acrylic on canvas. This painting will never go into print and is a one of a kind. 


Dimensions: 169cm x 136cm