The Berserker on Stamford Bridge

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In British history, if you mention the year 1066, most people will automatically thing of the battle of Hastings where King Harold died with an arrow in the eye (very debatable). However, there was an equally important and equally decisive battle in the North that year...

The battle of Stamford Bridge was where Harold Godwinson ended the ambitions of the giant Norse King, Harald Hardrada and this print by The Saxon Storyteller depicts one of the key moments that turned the battle in the favour of the English.

The forces were deployed either side of the river and the Anglo Saxon chronicle tells us that a single Norse warrior with a battle axe held back the entire English force on the bridge itself. On this narrow bridge, he killed many English fighters before he was finally slain by an English soldier who floated under the bridge in a half-barrel and thrust his spear through the planks of the bridge and into the Norseman.


Printed on 250 gsm uncoated art board.

Size: A4