Gungnir Pendant

  • £30.00

Sean Parry of Sacred Knot Tattoo designed this pendant to incorporate a bindrune, inspired by Brynhildr’s mention (in Sigrdrífumál) that runes may have been carved on Odin’s spear.

The spear Gungnir is well known as Odin’s weapon of choice. Crafted by the sons of Ívaldi, the dwarves (dvergar) imbued it with the power to never miss its target, and never be halted in battle. Ragnarok is said to begin with Odin launching Gungnir towards the enemy, and in Hávamál the god hangs himself upon Yggdrasil (wounded by a spear) in order to acquire the runes.

Each pendant has been cast in house by our hands, and is sanded to the standard you see here without the aid of machinery of any kind.

They shine in 100% Cornish pewter and come on an adjustable leather cord.

This piece is modeled by the incredible Dan Farrand, owner of Horns of Odin and one half of the Nordic Mythology Podcast. If you haven’t already given them a listen it’s well worth it!