Smaug The Dragon


“I painted this the week before the Hobbit film came out in cinema. I had read Tolkien’s book previously, and I knew after seeing the film my mental image of the mighty Smaug would be forever changed. It also has an element of a dragon I saw once in a book when I was very young, And I’ve since not been able to refund that illustration either. Maybe you know which one I mean? 
Jamie Massie and I travelled to Llyn Crafnant in Snowdonia to photograph the painting in this setting. Tolkien would have been familiar with North Wales and I’m sure the scenery would have resonated woth his imaged world in which he set his magnificent books.” 

Written by Sean Parry.

The original piece is acrylic on canvas. This painting will never go into print and is a one of a kind. 


Dimensions: 100cm x 73cm