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Tales of Selkies are common in the Gaelic and Nordic world. The people of the sea, they appear as seals in the water but have the ability to shed their sealskin and become human on the land. Many stories of the Selkies speak of how they are tricked into remaining human by someone who steals their skin. The Selkies may not be as malicious as other merfolk of sailor mythology, but a captured Selkie will long for the sea and take the first opportunity that arises to return to their kin.
In this digitally remastered painting I have tried to capture something of these creatures who straddle the line between water and land, the natural and the supernatural, the sí and the human.

Broc has chosen to reproduce his original artwork as a fine art giclée print to maintain the best quality of colour reproduction on high quality art paper and the results are really outstanding.

Size: A4

As these are archival quality fine art prints please handle them with care, preferably only touching the edges and we recommend mounting them in a frame behind glass.