Sámi Inspired Wood Burned Disc


These designs by Paula Cruz Art are inspired by the drums of the indigenous Sámi people from Scandinavia. These are traditionally used during cultural shamanic ceremonies.

In Sámi shamanism, the Noaidi (the Sámi shaman) uses the drum to enter a trance, or to obtain information about the future or other sites.

The drawings on the drum membrane reflect the vision of the world of its owner and his family, both in terms of religious and mundane aspects, such as the management of reindeer herds, hunting, the home, relationships with their neighbours and the non-Sámi community.

The largest collection of drums is preserved in the Nordic Museum in Stockholm, comprising about 80 specimens.

The last image is a drum that was held in a museum collection. Many drums are now being reclaimed by their indigenous communities from museum collections, and we wholeheartedly support this practice. Maintaining respect for these cultures is imperative to their continued growth and heritage preservation. The image taken by Joavnna Weinstock was given to Ken Emerson Jr. to include with his writing on Sámi history and practice, which we recommend reading if you would like a brief overview. However, we absolutely advise that you research these peoples yourself so you can understand the responsibility of owning a piece of art inspired by their heritage and shamanic practices.


Material & Make

The use of fire to manipulate natural materials is one of the most ancient forms of artistry. Pyrography has been discovered on artefacts globally such as bone, wood, leather, and even stone.

Each piece is uniquely one of a kind, having been hand worked by the artisan to compliment the dimension of the design and respect the natural grain of the wood.


About The Artist

Paula Cruz is a tattoo artist specialising in historic Nordic art styles and is known for her extreme attention to detail and authenticity. Her creations are born of a humble relationship with Norse symbolism and are sharpened through her work as a re-enactor, traditional tattooist, and versatile artisan.


On Northern Fire, you’ll find wooden pyrography, prints, and original art by Paula.


Size & Dimensions

14 - 15 cm or 6 inches diameter (approximate size only as this is a cross section of a tree)