Sacred Knot Oil Painting


“a few years ago I took this knot as the symbol of my work and signature. I did not incentive, that honour goes to an artist many many centuries ago. I adopted it though for a few of its distinct qualities. To me it symbolises ‘Yr Wyddfa’, the tallest mountain in Wales not far from where I grew up, the fact that it’s an endless knot, it features in early celtic Insular art, its importance within Nordic culture (the knot is made up of three sections. Each section is a repeating pretzel knot. This was heavily used in early Viking art as a symbol of importance), and lastly its affinity with the trinity and balance.”

Written by Sean Parry.

The original painting is oil on canvas. The image may also be used at some point in a limited set of prints. 


Size: 20 by 20cm