Pixuatu A3 Print

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"Pixuatu" an old word in the Asturian language for "fisherman" and in his latest illustration, Vitor has taken a local Asturian legend as inspiration by creating a Viking mask that represents a fisherman. As a background for my illustration I have used a Fiskistafur, an Icelandic magic symbol that helps you with fishing.
Vitor explains further: 
"In Western Asturies there is a small fishing port called Cuideiru. It is a spectacular town, hanging from the cliffs above the Cantabrian Sea (Bay of Biscay). Its inhabitants, especially those who make a living at sea, are called "Pixuatus", a word that literally means "fishermen."
According to local legends this town was founded by Vikings, who would have established in this section of the coast a discrete base in which to take refuge during their looting expeditions through the Cantabrian Sea and Galicia. In the absence of historical evidence that solidly supports this legend, it must be said that, even today, many Pixuatus are blond or red-haired with fair eyes and sailors of great skill."
The piece is a small tribute to the Pixuatus and, in general, to all those fishermen who earn their livelihoods in the waters of the Atlantic, facing every day the anger of Ran and her 9 daughters. 
Size: A3
Printed on 250 gsm silk paper.
Available as a print or ready framed.