Petroglyphs Painting | Original Painting on Canvas

  • £50.00

This painting by Paula Cruz Art depicts the familiar cup and ring marks found globally amongst Neolithic and Bronze Age art.

For this specific piece, Paula utilized texture within her paint as well as dimension of colour to give a realistic representation of these symbols. While many are discovered carved into stone, some of these designs have also been preserved in gold and bronze metalwork from the same time periods.

Paula is an avid researcher for her art and has visited many historic sites where these motifs can be found. She compiled several of her favourite images to create this composition, including the ships so commonly found in heritage sites like Tanum in Sweden and the sunwheel from Madsebakke on Borneholm.


Material & Make

The artwork you will receive is the original piece. It was hand painted and comes on a cotton canvas stretched over a wooden frame backing.

Please know that our images intend to capture the colour to the best of our ability, but can’t always display the exact nuances of texture and tint within the artwork. If you have concerns about this, please try viewing on different monitors to make sure your computer or phone is giving you the best representation.


About The Artist

Paula Cruz is a tattoo artist specialising in historic Nordic art styles and is known for her extreme attention to detail and authenticity. Her creations are born of a humble relationship with Norse symbolism and are sharpened through her work as a re-enactor, traditional tattooist, and versatile artisan.

On Northern Fire, you’ll find wooden pyrography, prints, and original art by Paula.


Size & Dimension

The canvas is 20 x 20cm (8 x 8 Inches).