Odin Godmask Enamel Pin

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Odin, All Father, the masked one… The father of the gods is known by many names!

The Badger King chose to design a godmask for Odin, which seemed fitting given that one of his many names is Grímnir or the masked one. The artwork on this enamel pin is very loosely based on the Aarhus runsetone (also known as the mask stone).

As we all know, the father of the gods, Odin, sacrificed one of his eyes in exchange for wisdom. This glorious enamel pin created by Badger King commemorates this loss with an area cut out of the metal where Odin’s eye used to be.


Material & Make

Our pins are crafted in solid metal with enamel detailing and a sturdy pin for security of closure and longevity.


About The Artist

Broc Ó Diolúin, or the Badger King, is a tattoo artist specialising in Celtic and Nordic art-styles. A love of myth, history and nature is prominent in his work and he tries to create art which brings ancient worlds to life for a modern audience. With a background in zoology and a deep knowledge of Irish and Viking mythology, The Badger King joined the Sacred Knot family in 2017 and currently works from a studio in Llandudno, Wales. You can see more artwork from Badger King Tattoo on Northern Fire here.


Size & Dimensions

Rough diameter of 5cm (2 inches)