Norse Dragonbox


This one of a kind product was created by Villkat Arts exclusively for Northern Fire! The Norse Dragon design was burned onto the box using a pyrography pen and as only one of these will ever be made, this is a truly unique piece of art.

Dragons have featured in the myths and legends of cultures all across the ancient world and all seem to agree they were terrifying scaly beasts! Whilst not classed as a dragon, in Norse culture, the giant serpent Jormundgandr was at the core of their world and as a seafaring people, the Vikings must have had the same feelings of fear and respect. It is known that many longboats bore beast or dragon heads to scare away the evil spirits of the sea, so how better to protect what is precious to you than to enclose it within a dragon!

The dimensions of the Norse Dragonbox are: 11 x 26 x 6cm