Nordic Mandala Vest

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Odin’s quest for the mead of poetry famously appears within Skáldskapármal, though references to the tale are scattered throughout the Poetic Edda, implying how important it may have been to the people of the past.

Those familiar with the story can easily identify  prevalent themes of Nordic lore - such as the number 9 and shape shifting, as well as the capacity for blood, saliva, and mead to imbue traits like wisdom.

Inspired by the wellspring of symbolism within the narrative, Sean (Sacred Knot Tattoo) created a mandala with 9 panels, each harbouring a unique bind rune and intricate reference to the events of this tale.


Product Information: 

All designs are sharp, high quality screen prints on ethically sourced organic cotton. This Gildan Vest is designed to fit. If you prefer a looser fitting Vest, we would recommend considering the next size up.

The mead of poetry mandala design is hand printed in house with gold ink.


Size Chest (to fit): 


UK/EU Size
US Size  Dimensions
Small XS
35" / 90 cm
Medium Small
39" / 99 cm
Large Medium
43" / 109 cm
XL Large
47" / 119 cm
XXL XL 51" / 129 cm


In the picture, our model, Ed, is wearing a large. Please check the dimensions are correct for you as sizes differ between regions.