Nordic Animist Calendar

For a limited time only, we have copies of the amazing Calendar Of Nordic Animism 2021 available. 


The Calendar is the creation of Rune, Ava and Uffe Berenth of Ginnungagap Art and features artwork from Sacred Knot tattoo and Jamie Massie photography. It is a beautiful collaboration between history and tattoo art and is for anybody, who is interested in Nordic religious history or who has a deep love for Viking inspired arts and mythology. Each month features unique, traditional tattoo art by Uffe as well as detailed information explaining the holidays and the history of the month itself. They have also included an extremely informative introduction which tells us more about the Nordic Runic calendar. 


Rune Rasmussen explains futher:

"The Nordic Animist Calendar is a wall calendar with a lot of information on Nordic seasonal animism through the ages. It is constructed on traditional runic reckoning combined with primstaf-marks that identify traditional Nordic holidays around the year. The calendar has a quite extensive text side and all the holidays are followed by explanations."


This is a truly unique piece of work, which we cannot recommend highly enough.