Nordic Animist Year


For the last 2 years, we have sold copies of the amazing Nordic Animism Calendar through the Northern Fire shop which has featured work from some of our artists.

But now, alongside the beautiful artwork of the calendar, Rune has created a book to explain a bit more about the holidays and the history of the months themselves. For anybody, who is interested in Nordic religious history or who has a deep love for Viking inspired arts and mythology, this is a must have. 

This is a truly unique piece of work, which we cannot recommend highly enough.


Material & Make

Printed in a paperback, the book you receive will be packaged in a protective cardboard book mailer.

Features text and illustrations.


About The Author

Rune Hjarnø Rasmussen is an historian of religion, Ph.d., educated from the Universities of Uppsala and Copenhagen.

Rune has lived in many countries and done fieldwork in a number of contemporary (primarily Afro-descendant)  religions, but since childhood he has had Nordic religion as a strong field of interest.

Today Rune is working on applying contemporary developments in anthropology to rethink the way we address Nordic religion both in terms of scholarship, but also as a reservoir of cultural knowledge for environmental activism and sustainability sensitisation.


Size & Dimensions

Approximately A5