Mari Lwyd Horse Skull Enamel Pin

  • £10.00

The native Welsh of Britain have some odd traditions... and this pin designed by Sacred Knot and Dyrs Hjarta celebrates one of these is know as Mari Lwyd. Sean explained this custom in more detail:


"On Christmas Eve we go around door to door with a horse skull, usually mounted on a cloaked individual on a leash and sing for food and drink. The person behind the door is supposed to sing back the song and ask why they should let them in. From here a freestyle song can take place. This is meant to be conducted in Welsh, the language descended from the pre Saxon people of Britain. Maybe the horse skull tradition goes back as far as the times the White horses where carved into the hillsides in South England.. we will probably never know."

Sacred Knot performed a ritual with the horse skull at a special event last Winter that you can read more about through our blog...


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