Leather Wax (For Care and Maintenance)

  • £10.00
Material & Make

Pictavia Leather wax is designed to maintain and protect leather, whilst staying true to ancient methods. This wax was made from all natural ingredients, with no added chemicals. It comes in a 100ml tin and is ideal for keeping your leather goods well maintained. For best results, lather onto your leather product and melt it in with heat such as a hair dryer.


About The Artist

 Hamish Lamley founded Pictavia Leather in the heart of Scotland, where the Picts themselves resided during the Early Middle Ages. His mastery of traditional leathercraft offers a glimpse into this ancient world, and Hamish’s work is praised globally for his accuracy and impact on the archaeological interpretation. Aside from the creations that come from his workshop, Hamish also teaches leatherworking courses and offers presentations and demonstrations at historical sites across Europe. You can find more of his custom offerings on his personal website, Pictavia Leather.

You can see more of Hamish's art available on Northern Fire here.