Leaf of Yggdrasil Pendant

  • £30.00

This pendant was hand cast by Sean of Sacred Knot Tattoo from Pewter and is attached to a cotton cord fixed with a simple slipknot for ease of resizing.

Both sides of the pendant feature designs. In the front, a bindrune, on the back the rune Algiz. 

Material & Make

Each piece of jewellery has been polished to a shining finish by a Northern Fire artisan in our workshop in Wales, where we also craft our moulds and hand cast each piece. Our pewter is sourced from Cornwall and has been chosen for its flexibility and shine.

This pendant will come with an adjustable cotton cord.


About The Artist

Sean Parry is the founder and main artist at Sacred Knot Tattoo. Having grown up in North Wales on a mountain peninsula called the Great Orme, his love of celtic and Norse culture, history and art fuels his tattooing and painting. He specialises in celtic and norse neo-traditional dotwork, aiming to capture the magic of knotwork and spirals that the ancient inhabitants of the North where also so fond of. 

See more of the art Sean has created for Northern Fire here.


Size & Dimensions

Length: 4.5cm (1.75 inch)