Waterfall: Låtefossen A3 Print

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The Låtefossen A3 print is a part of a series by Thursarn focusing on waterfalls. These beautiful photographs of some of the most stunning sights in nature have been put into high quality print so they can be brought into the home. The word "Foss" is the Old Norse word for waterfall and through the Scandinavian expansion during the Viking period, the word remains behind in places like Cumbria in England where names of waterfalls often end with "force".

Asta draws inspiration from the ancient textual sources as well, acknowledging the respect that people of the past held for locations like this. Specifically, she quotes Gylfaginning 16:

" is said that the norns, that dwell in the fountain of Urd, every day take water from the fountain and take clay that lied around the fountain and sprinkle therewith the ash, in order that it's branches may not wither or decay." (Anderson).

These waterfalls and natural wells allow the viewer to remember how deeply significant these locations have been through the ages, both in storytelling and recognising our place in nature.


Printed on high quality C-Type Fuji Matt art board at 250 gsm.

Size: A3