Oseberg Serpent Enamel Pin

  • £10.00

This enamel pin by Dyrs Hjarta Art is heavily inspired by the prow of the Oseburg Ship.

The Oseberg burial contains some of the finest archaeological discoveries from the Viking age, including the ship itself. The intricately carved Oseburg ship was discovered in a large burial mound in Norway and was big enough to seat 30 oarsmen. The amount of decoration across the ship (including under the water line) means it’s likely that the ship belonged to someone very wealthy/powerful in life.

It was common for Viking ships to have beast heads on the front to scare away malevolent spirits and the Oseburg serpent prow is no exception. Whether this was to represent the fearsome Midgard serpent Jormungandr or just inspired by serpents generally we will never know...

This slightly larger-than-normal hard enamel pin is fastened with two clasps.


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