Hand Forged Odin Bottle Opener

  • £25.00

This bottle opener was hand forged by Max from steel and strikes the perfect balance between its weight and delicate score marks to add detail. For anyone not familiar with the forging process, this has been created entirely with fire, a hammer and an anvil and although quite small, this piece took at least 45 minutes to create.

This particular bottle opener depicts the father of the Norse gods, Odin. Throughout history, Odin was often associated with wisdom and poetry but also death and war. In his search for wisdom, he would often travel alone under several different names and would sometimes resemble an old wanderer. 

Admittedly, during the Viking age, ale and mead would have been brewed in barrels and consumed from either horns or tankards... but I like to think that if the Norsemen were still raiding the coastlines of Europe and beyond, they would open their (probably looted) beers with one of these...