Hand Forged Nordic Coat Rack


The longship is one of the images most associated with the vikings to this day. Although often seen as a cliche along with the horned helmet, the ship really was the key to their power. 

The ability to travel at speed on the seas meant a raiding party could appear literally anywhere along the coast of Britain meaning for the Kings of the time, defence was near enough impossible.

The ships were designed to cross oceans but also be able to penetrate deep into a land through its rivers and was far superior to the ships of other cultures of the period.

This Coat Rack was hand forged by Great Ash Forge from steel and features a beast head on the prow and shields along the side.


Material & Make

This item has been hand forged in England from steel at the Great Ash Forge smithy. For anyone not familiar with the forging process, this has been created entirely with fire, a hammer and an anvil and although quite small, this piece took some time to create!

All Max's raw materials are sourced in the UK

As these pieces are hand made, there may be slight variations from the product picture.


About The Artist

Max aka Great Ash Forge is a blacksmith with a keen interest in Nordic history. When he is not studying to gain further knowledge of his craft, he creates a variety of cool bits made from metal for Northern Fire which you can view here.


Size & Dimensions

For assembly, the holes are 6.5 mm.