Hand Carved Ringerike Style Drinking Horn

  • £425.00

This enormous drinking horn was hand carved in the Ringerike style in Iceland by Sigurbodi.

 In Norway, the Ringerike district boasts a standing stone that bears this distinctive style, and silver and gold hoards full of disc-brooches have been discovered from the same time period in Sweden. But perhaps most notable are the Ringerike weathervanes that have been found from Norway to Gotland, on which the astounding depictions of a beast (that we have followed through each art style) now perches as a statuesque 3D figure. This style is more fluid than its forebears but still contains the beast floating in its own tendrils, and sometimes other creatures.


Material & Make

The horn itself is a natural product and has a capacity of over 1.5 litres.

The piece also features hand pressed and sewn leatherwork (including its strap) as well as a bronze terminal cast with a wolf motif.

This horn comes lined in beeswax so you can drink safely from it. Please do not heat the horn or consume hot liquids from it. When cleaning, please do not use soaps/detergents or a dishwashing machine. Hand washing with lukewarm water and a gentle scrub will keep your horn clean and functional for many years to come!


About The Artist

Sigurboði Grétarsson is an Icelandic musician, tattooist, and artisan. Having collaborated with other prominent artists (such as Vévaki, Danheim, Heldom, Urspring, Munknörr, and Rúnfell), his work extends to the skin while he tattoos alongside his fiance Hrafnhildur (known as the tattoo artist Habba Nero). However, his specialty with handcraft applies to horns, which he has been carving for almost a decade in the Viking Age art styles familiar to so many.

For more on Sigurboði, feel free to check out our blog on his dynamic artistry.  You can see more of his artwork on Northern Fire here.


Size & Dimensions

- 65cm (25.5 inches) in height.

- Capacity of over 1.5 litres