Hand Carved Nordic Snake

  • £425.00

This snake design was hand carved by Stuart Cameron in Scotland. Stuart is a self taught wood carver who has been working for a number of years as a hobby. He is a regular around the Viking markets in the UK and is always happy to sell, swap or trade his works.


The snake is found regularly in Nordic culture and tends to often be associated with magic and power. From the binding of Loki where he is tortured with snake venom to the death of Ragnar at the hands of King Aelle in Northumbria in a snake pit, if a snake enters into a story, it is probably bad news... but on a positive note, it is a creature who continues to inspire great artwork and this carving by Stuart is certainly one of a kind.

Hand carved traditionally by knife, no use of modern equipment. 

The dimensions of the wood are: 30cm x 23cm x 3cm