Fenrir | Organic T-Shirt


Like their father, the children of Loki earned notorious reputations within Norse mythology for their nefarious deeds. Perhaps the most well known involves the binding of Fenrir, the great wolf, who could not be restrained by any chain other than Gleipnir. Crafted from six ingredients (including the roots of mountains and the breath of fish, as well as several other unlikely things) the beast was challenged to see if he could break this chain (as he had with so many before). He did not trust the gods attempting this feat, and demanded that Tyr place his right hand (used for swordsmanship) into his mouth as collateral - if he could not break the chain, he would devour the hand. Knowing the fate of his choice, the god Tyr placed his hand in the wolf's mouth, and when the beast could not escape, it was eaten. Many believe this is a bold representation of sacrifice in the name of justice and worldly wellbeing - doing what is right despite potential loss.

Broc of Badger King Tattoo has included the hand of Tyr appears in the belly of the beast shown in this design, which is printed in deep red on black to represent the blood sacrifice of the god Tyr.


Material & Make

Our t-shirts are made with ethically sourced 100% organic cotton and are hand printed in house by Northern Fire artists at our workshop in North Wales. Our inks are water based and locally sourced and to minimise the negative impact of the textile industry on the environment.

For more information about our commitment to sustainability, you can keep up to date with what we are doing within the collective on our environmental page.


About The Artist

Broc Ó Diolúin, known as The Badger King within the tattoo world, is renowned for his work with Celtic and Nordic art styles. His creations and knowledge also manifest in a project known as Badger Horns, where he shares stories and mythology related to Celtic folklore. Though he calls Llandudno in North Wales his home, Broc’s dedication to the Irish  language and lore is apparent in his work with the ancient script of Ogham, as well as his mastery of the artistic styles seen within the Book of Kells. You can see more artwork from Badger King Tattoo on Northern Fire here.


Size & Dimensions

This SOLS Organic T-Shirt is designed to fit so if you prefer a looser fitting T-Shirt, we would recommend considering the next size up.


UK/EU Size
Chest Dimensions
37" / 94 cm
39" / 97 cm
42" / 107 cm
44" / 112 cm
XXL 46" / 117 cm
3XL 48" / 122 cm


Please check the dimensions are correct for you as sizes differ between regions. Our stunning model, Dylan, is wearing a size large.