Nordic Beast Pendant

  • £32.00

The stages of Vikings Age art were incredibly dynamic, but were always bound by the use of beasts in various forms. Whether these motifs symbolized specific animals of lore or were representative of a deeper meaning, we may never know. But there is no doubt that the people of the past greatly respected the creatures of the natural world, and they were certainly recognized for their ferocity and power.

This specific beast head was designed by Dyrs Hjarta Art and mimics one seen on a massive penannular brooch (now housed in the National Museum in Dublin, Ireland) during a time when Celtic and Nordic art was beginning to blend due to the settlement of Vikings within the British Isles.


Material & Make

Each piece of jewellery has been polished to a shining finish by a Northern Fire artisan in our workshop in Wales, where we also craft our moulds and hand cast each piece. Our pewter is sourced from Cornwall and has been chosen for its flexibility and shine.

This pendant comes on an adjustable cotton cord.


About The Artist

Gloria Notarangelo, known in her work as Dyrs Hjarta Art, commands attention with her bold linework and traditional methods of dotwork. Her knowledge of Nordic artistry allows her to create imagery based on the historical artifacts she has admired over the years, bringing to life traditional styles and symbolism in order to tell stories through her work. To friends and family she is known as a nurturing plant-lover, though she is most often wielding a tattoo gun as a full-time professional artist with Sacred Knot Tattoo in North Wales. You’ll find handcrafted goods, original paintings, prints, pins, and jewellery by Gloria on Northern Fire.

You can see more of Gloria's art available on Northern Fire here.


Size & Dimensions

Approximately 2 inches ( 5 cm ) long, and 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide.