The Wolf Devours the Sun | Fine Art Print


In this portrait, Gloria of Dyrs Hjarta Art depicts the great wolf breaking from his chains and unhinging his jaw to swallow Sunna - a moment that defines the proceedings of Ragnarok.

As the gods and their enemies devour one another, the battle will claim each warrior and beast in turn, as is foretold by the seeress in Völuspá.

Gylfaginning describes the vast sacrifices the gods went through to bind Fenrir in an attempt to restrain his destruction. But the Völva’s prophecy assures us that his ultimate deed, the destruction of Odin, will occur during Ragnarok nonetheless.

There’s no denying there are different understandings of Sköll and Fenrir (and Garmr) at Ragnarok - Gloria was inspired by Vafþrúðnismál and its mention of a great wolf for this piece.


Material & Make
We have chosen to recreate the artwork using a high quality C-Type printing method to maintain the best quality of colour reproduction and the results are really outstanding.

The artwork is printed on 250gsm Fuji Matt Art Board. 
As these are archival quality fine art prints please handle them with care, preferably only touching the edges and we recommend mounting them in a frame behind glass.
About The Artist

Gloria Notarangelo, known in her work as Dyrs Hjarta Art, commands attention with her bold linework and traditional methods of dotwork. Her knowledge of Nordic artistry allows her to create imagery based on the historical artifacts she has admired over the years, bringing to life traditional styles and symbolism in order to tell stories through her work. To friends and family she is known as a nurturing plant-lover, though she is most often wielding a tattoo gun as a full-time professional artist with Sacred Knot Tattoo in North Wales. You’ll find handcrafted goods, original paintings, prints, pins, and jewellery by Gloria on Northern Fire.

You can see more of Gloria's art available on Northern Fire here.

Size & Dimensions

A3 (297 x 420mm / 11.7 x 16.5 inches)